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1998 – 2004

Paul Colman Trio

2009 – 2012

PC3 songs can make you laugh, think, feel, dance, jump, and more… sometimes all at the same time. Songs that are struggling towards truth with a smile and a broken prayer. Honest songs about life and a loving God.


It was the year 1999 when PC3’s debut album “Serious Fun” was released in the band’s home country of Australia. This low-budget, self-produced, independently released and distributed collections of songs quickly found an audience. Tracks like Dip, Run, The Killing Tree and Dear God resonated deeply with a growing number of people who would soon become known as “Serious Fans”. Responding to the long-lasting devotion of these “Serious Fans” and to celebrate 20 years since the album’s birth, a re-mastered “Serious Fun” has been re-released digitally for all to hear and enjoy.

Ministry Downunder Webcast Interview with Paul, Phil & Grant, 9 April 2020

Paul Colman Trio

"Serious Fun" Remastered https://paulcolmantrio.bandcamp.com/album/serious-fun-remastered-2019The "Serious Fun" 2019 anniversary reissue and the "return" albums

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Posted by The Ministry Downunder Webcast on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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